Soul Journey

Have you ever stopped to wonder about yourself? Your soul. How you came to be? What makes you…. you? What happens to your essence when it’s time for your physical form to leave this planet?

Souls are energy and therefor cannot be erased. But the physical body does have an expiry date. So what happens to our energy when the physical body expires? The energy must find a new place to reside so we are “reborn” in a new environment. But it isn’t that grand of a trip. Each soul starts out pure but the choices made in our previous body and environment determine which direction our energy takes when finding it’s new body.

We each have a soul that makes us who we are and each environment is designed to alter the soul. If the soul allows these challenges to dampen it’s purity, the soul’s next destination will be a place that is in chaos. But if the soul can withstand the challenges and make pure honest decisions, it gets to keep moving through paradise. But don’t worry! The soul has a chance to redeem itself by doing the most good and making honest decisions in the dampened environment it was sent to.

Take Earth for example. Earth is in great turmoil. There are constant wars and we allow small stuff to tear us apart. Not to mention the human race is more focused on Earthly possessions then the souls around them. But there are quite a few ‘good souls’ in this world that help to restore faith. They genuinely care for others and would give the shirt off their own back to someone in need, even if it was the last thing they owned. These ‘good souls’ don’t care much about earthly possessions. They may not know it consciously, but their soul made some poor decisions in it’s previous environment so now it is trying to redeem itself.

So now you may be asking “Why can’t we remember our former environment?”

Do you remember every single second of every hour of every day that has happened to you since you were born? I don’t. Our physical minds aren’t designed to recall everything. We mostly hold onto the special, important and painful memories because we have a survival instinct and we use those to ensure we make wise choices in future scenarios.

The universe likes balance. Look up at the night sky and notice all those stars. Those beautiful stars that create such an awe were created when a balance was achieved in the universe. The soul is allowed to make it’s own choices without guidance from the universe. But balance must be maintained. If the soul was able to recall every memory of every environment it’s ever been in, the balance of the universe would be lopsided.

“Every good thing you do changes the balance in the universe” -Karen Kijewski.

Be the good in this world and your soul will get to descend to a grander place. Strive every day to be the best you.

*This is just a personal theory of mine*

Kirstin Townsend 09/25/2019



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