Sandy shore

Experiencing wanderlust

Which shore do I choose?

As long as there is sea

I’ll be barefoot. No shoes.


Smell the salty air

Toes on the sandy shore

The place my soul belongs

I’m at peace. I feel it in my core.


The waves, they soothe me

Listen to them crash on the beach.

All my worries drift away

hearing the ocean’s speech.


Burrowing down in the sand

watch the coquina clams go.

What’s it like to be a creature of the ocean?

I find myself wanting to know.


The ocean in all of its greatness

A majority of unexplored terrain.

Sea creatures doing as nature sees fit

with minimal contain.


Now I must withdraw from

the peace of the sandy shore.

Return to a tumultuous life

until my soul needs a restore.


Sandy Shore

  • Kirstin Townsend May 17, 2019

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