Travel promise to myself

I have always wanted to travel and see the world. We live on this huge beautiful planet and there are amazing wonders to be seen everywhere!! The mountains, man made structures, canyons, waterfalls, animals, the list is endless!! Not to mention the amazing opportunity to experience other cultures!!

So this blog post is essentially my promise to myself that I will travel to these bucket list destinations. And if you’ve ever want to travel, consider this an inspiration post to pursue your bucket list!

The first stop on my list is Germany. I am of German decent and have always wanted to experience it first hand. I don’t have any specific part of Germany I want to see. I want to see it all so when I go I’ll be sure to allow enough time for me to essentially wander around the country. I would love to discover some unknown destinations and just take it all in.


The next stop on my travel bucket list is Australia. I mean who doesn’t want to visit the land down under? With this destination, my husband and I would probably stick to the generic tourism attractions. Sydney, the great barrier reef, kangaroos, etc. I’ve only heard rumors but as long as I’m no where near the giant bats or spiders I’m good. If you’re from Australia or have ever visited tell me in the comments if the rumors are true!!

Now, even though this is number 3 on my bucket list, it’ll probably be the first one we begin with. I want to travel all over the U.S. visiting each state atleast once. States at the top of this list include Louisiana-New Orleans of course; California-I want to see the West Coast; Maine; New York; and Arizona-Grand Canyon.


While we will all have different destinations, we all have some form of desire to travel. It’s human nature to want to escape our reality every once in a while. That’s why it’s called a vacation. Now some are lucky enough to live this everyday of their life. A few of those are entrepreneurs who decided to take their future into their hands and not work until retirement age. This is my goal!! I want to be able to achieve my travel bucket list before retirement age!

As long as I keep my determination and desire, I can achieve anything and so can you!

What’s some good, maybe uncommon, tourist attractions in the U.S.A. that we should add to our road trip? Tell me in the comments!! Thank you

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