Don’t blink mama

At first you didn’t know I was there. You didn’t know just yet how much you would love me. Those 9 months were amazing mama. I listened to your voice and felt nothing but comfort and love in your womb.

Don’t blink mama because now I’m here. Those 9 months went by fast. Now I’m here to be cuddled and loved. I’m so little and only want you. You’re so good at loving and protecting me.

Don’t blink mama. Now I’m trying to crawl. I’m exploring this huge world around me. Finding new things, some I shouldn’t get into. But you’re so good at keeping me safe.

Don’t blink mama. Now I’m walking and talking. I’m becoming better at being my own person and not needing you so much. But I do love you and still need your kisses and hugs to help me feel better.

Don’t blink mama. Now it’s time for my first day of school. The time when I no longer have you all day. I must go and explore and make friends mama. But this is not a bad thing. All those days and nights you spent only looking after me. You now get time back to yourself. And I’ll get you when I come home from school.

Don’t blink mama. As I grow older I become more independent. I want to be my own person and be with my friends more than I need to be with you. But don’t cry. You’re my safe space.

Don’t blink mama. Now I’m a grown adult. It’s time for me to leave home and go find my place in this world. But I’ll come back to visit. I’ll call you when I’m having a hard time and need to hear your voice telling me it will all be okay. You’ve always been so good at knowing just what to say and do to make me feel better.

Don’t blink mama. Now I have a family of my own. Today you met your grandchild. You never knew you could love someone so much until you looked her in the eyes. She is so little and only wants me. I know you’ll help me in keeping her safe just as you kept me safe when I was little.

Don’t blink mama. I grow too fast. There’s days when you will feel like it’s too much. Like things won’t or can’t get better. Then there are days where you just admire my face, my hands, my smile and don’t remember what life was before I came into the world. Don’t blink mama. Enjoy me while I’m little and need my mama the most.

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