Shared Dimensions: None the Wiser; Short Story by Kirstin

We all know there’s approximately seven billion people on our Earth. We come in all different shapes and sizes, personalities and fashion sense. Our variety of beings on our beautiful planet is what makes Earth so special. While we never will get the chance to know all these people, we do know they exist.

But what most of those seven billion people don’t know is we share our dimension with other dimensional beings. There are several dimensions, several ‘realities’. Sometimes these dimensions overlay and entangle two realities in one dimension. But other times, one dimension can be aware of the other while the other is none the wiser. 

This is what happened with our dimension. Our reality is 3 dimensional and their dimension was created in a dimensional measure our human eyes cannot perceive. In our 3-D reality, our human body has senses. Since we cannot physically see them, our body does kind of sense them. Ever get a random ring in your ears? The feeling like you’re being watched? Ever feel like someone was standing behind you only to find no one there?

There are a few select humans who are able to communicate with the other dimensional beings. We often refer to them as medians. They listen and communicate with the senses most of us feel but just ignore. 

So while we are not physically aware of them, they are very much aware of us. Playful knocking your phone out of your hand, the feeling of being watched, objects being ‘misplaced’. All of these strange incidents are the other dimensional beings attempting to make their presence known. They want us to know they are there so they do what they can to help our human capabilities. 

Then there are what we refer to as ‘hauntings’. It could be a peaceful spirit presence just co-existing or a terrifying experience. The other dimensional beings are kind of like us, in the sense that they have those select few ‘bad apples’. We have people who commit crimes. They have beings who like to inspire fear.

Until our human intellect is able to fully comprehend other dimensions, we won’t ever get to fully know these other dimensional beings. But do know that, like our human race, most of them are kind and mean well. So the next time you feel like one of these beings are in the same room as you, try saying hi or testing their dimensional abilities by politely asking them to move an object. 


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