Dream-ality Short story by Kirstin

I often find myself day dreaming, wondering what new adventure awaits me tonight.

“Maybe tonight I will finish that amazing tour of the universe. Or maybe I will get to explore a new planet. Or maybe I will dream up a more amazing life on this planet than what I live every day.”

Every night, I get a new adventure.

Every night, I get to be a new person.

Every night, I get to explore new worlds.

Every night, I get to go to sleep and drift off to a place that isn’t real life.

Real life where the stress of just existing is too much for most people. Real life where I am forced to exist in a world full of others who could care less about my existence. A world where I just happened to end up and a world where I feel I don’t belong.

My daily life is far from exciting. I go to the same dull office and do the same job. I interact with the same people and drive the same route to work. After work, I go home to the same dull house and do the normal routine of chores. Every. Single. Day.

But when it is time to go sleep that’s when my world gets a bit brighter.

In my dreams, I can do the impossible. I can be a super hero. I can be an animal. I can be a native of another world. I can explore the universe. I can do any and everything my imagination is capable of. I get to escape from my reality.

I know it sounds crazy to want my dream world more than my reality but the dream world is far more exciting. I long to only exist in my dream reality… In my dream-ality.

I wonder if I ended my reality could I stay in my dream world forever?

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