Reality by day. Double reality by sleep. Short story by Kirstin

We all rely on sleep to keep our bodies revitalized and allow our bodies that time to re-energize and heal. Our heart rate slows, our body temperature lowers and we fall into this deep slumber where our physical bodies recuperate from our busy life.

During our slumbers, we dream. We dream to keep our mind busy while our physical body does what it needs to, to prepare for the next day. But what if, in our slumber induced dreams, we are actually seeing our double reality happen? The place where our soul goes while the physical body is resting. The place where we get to do things we can’t do in our physical world.

We are born with our soul. Our souls are already designed to like, dislike, desire certain things. Our souls are wired to our brains and that’s why we all are born with our unique personalities.

Our soul could be considered our subconscious. The part of our mind that keeps our brain active while in the deep slumber. Our subconscious stores our inner most secrets and desires. That’s why in our dreams we can conquer our fears, navigate our way to the seemingly impossible goal, do unnatural things like flying or turning invisible, or finally confess your burning love to your crush.

So then, if our slumber induced dreams are the soul’s go to place when the physical body is resting, why are we unable to recall most of the dreams we have?

What if our souls discover too much in our dreams?

What if the double reality dream world allows more possibilities and a few secrets that our physical world isn’t prepared for?

There must be a safe guard to ensure the physical world isn’t exposed to more than it is meant to know. So our minds are ‘erased’ when our soul returns to our physical body.

Wouldn’t it be neat to remember all of your dreams? To see what secrets may be lurking?

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