We are gifted our dreams for a reason

From my early years on, I have had an entrepreneurial spirit. I have always had this drive to build my own business. To create something the world needs.

When I was a little girl my childhood bestie and I would write down business ideas. We would collaborate on how we could accomplish these business goals of ours. We had come up with business ideas that involved kids; I.e. kids making their own shirts, us creating crafts to sell, etc. But we never did get to follow through on our business ideas.

But that entrepreneurial spirit didn’t leave me as I grew older. My first business venture was with a very well known direct sales business when I was 15 to 16 years old. It was a good first business but not something I was passionate about so I let it go before I went to college.

Then my next attempt at a business was after my oldest was born. It was another direct sales but I was in my unconsistent and giving up stage of life. So naturally it didn’t pan out for me.

And now, after my self awareness wake-up realization, I have joined a new direct sales business VIC Cosmetics. I really do believe I’ll go far with this business because I’m no longer giving up quickly and I’m actually working towards my goals.

I still have this entrepreneurial spirit. I still want to create my own business. I still want to create a business that offers something that the world needs. I am still working toward what that business is. But I’m optimistic.

If I wasn’t meant to create something amazing for this world, I wouldn’t have been gifted this entrepreneurial spirit. This desire would’ve left as I grew older. I know I’m meant to show the world with my gift. I just have to discover what it is.

The entrepreneurial spirit will never leave me. I will be trying new things and new business opportunities long into my older years. I know I’m going to stumble but I will eventually reach my goal!

If you have noticed your gift by now, don’t let go of it. No matter how silly you may think it is, no matter if you think it’s not needed in this world. The chance of you being born the way you are is 1 in 400 million!! Your special skill, talent, gift, whatever you want to call it beat those odds and was given to you. It’s up to you to discover that reason and to utilize your gift. 

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