Are you down and out or just down and will bounce back?

We all have our days where the stress just builds up and we can’t focus on anything. We feel like we aren’t getting anything accomplished and the weight of our troubles just comes crashing down on us.

Trust me. I have had SEVERAL of those days. I’ve had the days where I didn’t feel good enough; enough of a wife, enough of a mom, enough of a good human being. I’ve had days where the stress clouded my sound judgement. The days where I look back and judge my decisions.

One big decision that I still get down on myself about is my college degree. I know education is important and completing my degree was my first life goal and the first goal I completed. I am the first and only (so far) college graduate of my family. I earned a degree in a field that seemed in demand, and it is…. But employers want experience over the education. So here I am thousands of dollars in college debt for a degree I have yet to use. And yes, I get discouraged when I’m looking for a career in my degree field. I’ve even looked for the foot in the door jobs where I can eventually climb my way to my degree career. But nothing has panned out… Yet.

I am hopeful. I don’t regret my education. I am proud of my accomplishment. I am determined to get a career in my degree field. I just have to be patient. I know for a fact that my family and I have to move to another area to give me the opportunity to get my dream career. And we are doing just that.

During my whole self awareness journey, the one you’ve read about and I’m going to keep mentioning, my husband and I noticed that our family wasn’t moving forward in our geographical area and there are no further opportunities for our family here. So we are moving to an area where we believe our family will be able to go to the next level. We love our kids and want what is best for them. So we are doing what we believe is best for them and us.

I could stay down on myself about my college debt. I could still feel like I’m not good enough but I refuse to accept that. I refuse to think that my family and I deserve anything less then I know we are capable of achieving. I just have to bounce back from the days when I get down on myself. And when my husband or anyone I care about gets in that mood, I must remind them of this.

We all are human and we are all on this Earth for a reason. We all have our amazing gifts and talents and knowledge to share with our beautiful world. We just have to be patient and know when to be down and bounce back. Never stay down! And surround yourself with a circle of friends and family who will remind you of your amazingness.

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