Next Opportunity?

Here recently I have applied to several positions in a field that I believe would help me grow as an individual. The positions would allow me to learn new skills and new skills equal personal growth. Landing the job is a whole different story though.

Some positions I never heard back from. Some positions I received an e-mail stating I wasn’t selected to move forward in the hiring process. Some positions I interviewed for and wasn’t selected. One position in particular that I’m still holding some hope on to, I felt like the interview went great. I feel I would’ve been a great addition to their team. I still feel like the skills I would’ve learned in that position would’ve been an amazing opportunity. It has been 2.5 weeks since I’ve interviewed for that position. I still have some hope that maybe, just maybe, I’ll be the selected candidate but as we get further into the month, the little voice in my head is telling me I wasn’t selected because of the mistakes I have made.

I talked in the past blog about me being a quitter in my past. This has affected the little voice in my head. The little voice that should be speaking words of encouragement but instead is telling me I’m not good enough because of my past. I have spent too much of my life believing I wouldn’t amount to anything. I have made mistakes but those mistakes do not get to define what I do with my future. This little voice, along with several people including myself are going to be seeing a whole me. 

Even though I haven’t heard back from the position I really want, I hold onto that hope because it’s an opportunity.  Even though I hold hope for this one, I have also accepted that maybe I wasn’t selected because it wasn’t my opportunity. Maybe that opportunity was meant for someone else and mine is still in the works. No one knows why but we are all on this planet for a reason. There is a reason as to the time we were born, the generation we are growing up in, the world evolving the way it is. There is a reason to everything so if I don’t get offered this position, I have accepted that there is a reason and that will be my queue to go find my next opportunity. 

Opportunities present themselves in our lives all the time. But not all opportunities are ours. Some are meant to get us to where we ultimately belong. Some are meant to open our horizons but are meant to belong to someone else. You know the old phrase, “When one doors closes another one opens”. Chase all the opportunities you can but be ready to accept that all of them cannot be yours. The right one will present itself to you and you must listen to your inner conscience to identify if it is your opportunity. 

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