Working mom or stay at home mom

Now before I dive into this topic I just want to say that I am not bashing mothers who work and don’t stay home with their children nor am I bashing stay at home moms who don’t work. Everyone knows what works best for them. I know a lot of moms don’t have a choice but to work even though they want to stay home with their children.

Since my husband’s income is the primary income I had no choice but to work around his work schedule. We couldn’t work on the same shift due to the extreme costs of child care and no work schedule really worked with a school schedule. One time we tried a sitter who we believed would work before I began my first ever first shift, full-time job. I loved the job too. But the sitter didn’t pan out. So I was forced into switching to second shift. That meant that my husband and I would work opposite shifts. Him going in at 4a.m. coming home around 12-1p.m. Then me going to work at 2p.m. and working until 11p.m. 5 days a week. We barely seen eachother and when we did it was for a brief minute to tell eachother important details of the day.

We did have the weekends though. Kind of. He was off two days during the work week and I worked Monday through Friday. So even then he was still working on my days off and me on his. But something beyond my control happened at my previous job and my husband and I decided it was best for me to leave the company. So now I am a stay at home mom. Before my previous position I was a stay at home mom for almost 3 years. I became a stay at home mom before our youngest was born. That was the same time I decided to finish my Associate’s degree through online courses.

I know alot of people think stay at home moms just sit on their butts all day and do nothing. I cannot stress enough how far from the truth that is. Stay at home moms are constantly moving. And when we get the brief second to sit down it is interrupted by a little one needing us. It took me not doing what I did on a daily basis for my husband to realize what exactly I did all day. We clean, we keep the little one or ones alive. We feed the kids, feed the animals, do laundry, do dishes, run the errands, do the grocery shopping, doctor appointments, school related activities, etc. It definitely makes the day go by fast and has its effects on a mom if she doesn’t get her down time where someone doesn’t constantly need her attention.

It takes alot to be a working mom too. Just as much, if not more than being a stay at home mom. Working moms have to go to their source of income plus do most of the stuff that stay at home moms have to do. My heart goes out to working moms. They miss out on alot of things involving their kids but many have no choice but to work. Now there are some who don’t have to but choose to and I can see where they are coming from. Having that adult interaction and not having a toddler scream MOM a million times in thirty minutes is a nice perk of working.

I do plan to go back to work when our youngest is in school. We are about to tackle a huge life change so right now my attention is needed there. That’s why I am happy I am a part of an amazing direct sales business that I can run in my spare time.

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