VIC Cosmetics

In the Entrepreneur blog post, I mentioned that I am a beauty consultant with VIC Cosmetics. I joined in January while the company was in pre-launch. We officially launched February 18, 2019.

VIC cosmetics is a luxury cosmetics line without the luxury pricetag. The husband and wife duo, Edward and Jessica Le, owned eyelash extension salons nationwide before turning their attention to this. They have introduced a cosmetic line and business model for their consultants that is already changing the direct sales playing field. Jessica Le wanted to empower women while providing high quality cosmetic products. All consultants are supported by the husband and wife and receive amazing training.

As with any direct sales business you have to work for it. This isn’t my first rodeo with a direct sales business but it is my first one since I became self aware and that right there is a game changer for me. It will change how seriously I take the business, how hard I work to produce the results I am seeking and how patient I am with achieving the end result.


Lippies: Clinically tested and highly pigmented so the color lasts all day!

1) Plumping Lipstick

2) Plumping Lipgloss

3) Plump and shimmer lipgloss

4) Plumping lip balm

Super drama mascara:  transfer free, lengthening fibers that stay on your lashes and not on your face.

Lip care:

1) Lip mask: works while you’re sleeping with anti-aging properties that’ll decrease fine lines, increase circulation, and moisturize while protecting your lips from free radicals.

2) Lip scrub: designed to remove excess skin while evening out the lip’s surface and keeping your lips smooth, hydrated, and pouty.

Make-up removing oil: purifying oil based cleanser that removes makeup and dirt from your skin while leaving it feeling amazing and hydrated.

You can always visit my site at to view more information on these products and see all the amazing colors of lippies available. As of right now, 3/17/19, they are still releasing products. 2-3 each week. The goal is to have almost all, if not all, their products released this month!! They’re also working on a skin care line. This company is going to sky rocket and I’m so blessed to be a part of it!


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