Being an entrepreneur

When people think of the word entrepreneur, they may picture a sharp dressed man or woman who are running big successful companies. But being an entrepreneur also includes small business owners and stay at home parents who want that extra income and the shot to make something more for themselves and their family.

Wanting more in life is a daunting task when it comes to starting a small business or joining a direct sales company. We’ve all heard of the top dogs in the direct sales field. The ones who came up from living paycheck to paycheck to making 6 maybe even 7 figures a year. They’re living the life we all want for ourselves and/or our family. But no one seems to want to share how he or she got there. It’s one of the best kept secrets ever.

I haven’t even came close to being one of the top dogs in a business but I’m not quitting until I get there. I am a beauty consultant with VIC Cosmetics, a new cosmetics company that just launched February 18, 2019. I joined while they were still in pre-launch which I have never had the opportunity to do before.

Just from personal observation, to me it seems like the top income earners of direct sales got in at the beginning. So I’m making progress!! Progress is progress no matter how big or small.

As I continue my journey into being an entrepreneur, I don’t have a big secret to tell you about how to get to the top income spot quick. All I can do is share my journey and encourage you to never give up. Always keep going. Even when the going gets rough. I have given up alot, quit alot in my lifetime but now I’m making the change to never give up. I don’t care how hard it gets, how badly I may want to throw in the towel. In order to achieve the life I envision for my family I must keep going and so must you. 


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